Elo farming by Nicknitro128

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Elo farming by Nicknitro128

Post by Admin on Thu Sep 29, 2016 11:31 pm

So elo what is it honestly it has it's own history but to simplify it for smite it's basically a way to measure skill.  It takes into account, kills, deaths, assists, gold earned, average gold per min, towers killed and so on so forth to determine your skill level the number starts at 1500 and goes up and down depending on you're performance.

To check your elo Smite.guru type you're player name and go to casual for you're casual elo score.

Simplified version:
- Get more kills then deaths and win to get you're elo up even if you lose you're kill death ratio will help you minimize how much you lose now if you lose really badly and you're team gets crushed then honestly you're gonna take a hit on your score. Just try to keep your kill death ratio up, assists do help but kills do a lot better every assist is roughly .25 of a kill so 4 assists = 1 kill

Picking a god for elo farming:
Now this doesn't have to be you're main god but here are some factors to consider when picking a god for elo farming.

1) Damage - how much damage does that god do can you finish off an opponent or beat them in a 1v1. Most people will hate on you really hard if you're kill stealing or getting the last hit on an enemy when they did most of the damage. You need to be able to dish out moderate damage and stop them from running away to much

2) Escape - you're god needs to be able to get out of sticky situations easily if he's slow and does a lot of damage people will still focus you cause you can't run away, you might think relics will help with escaping and you are right but remember relics have a long cooldown and can't always save you like an ability can.

3) Utilities - if you are being dominated very hard and you just can't get the kill and you need to stay back you need some sort of ability to at least support you're team because winning you'll still get elo losing not so much and again kill death ratio matters.

Now the games modes for farming elo are mainly joust, arena, and siege as these games move a little quicker then the others.
But lets talk about them and benefits of playing them for farming.

Arena - very fast game mode and can quickly farm elo with a lot of kills (best for solo)

Joust - Easy way to farm elo with friends safest way to farm if you're partied up as well as it will be more equal when it comes to matchmaking

Siege - Hard way to farm elo but can gain the most elo because of towers kills and gold per min

Even simpler guide:

- Win games
- Get more kills then deaths
- pick a god that has escape, damage, and support abilities

Good luck all and have fun.

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