Rules on guide making

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Rules on guide making

Post by Admin on Wed Sep 28, 2016 6:44 pm

All guides are accepted but please try to use your experience and knowledge to make you're own guide if you reference someone please give them credit links are allowed and pictures as well please do not post any vulgar languages in your guides. Even tho all guides are accepted please only do guides on smite specifically and make clear what the guide is about examples:

Title of topic: How to Conquest Nitro's Guide

How to conquest?? well first you need to understand roles

Jungler - the lanes behind towers and in the jungle

Attack damage carry (ADC) - the main damager of the group farms minions.

Support - Guardians, healers, some warriors

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This is just an example and it's just to make clear on what you're trying to convey please make it simple and not a story of you're life but if that's what you're into then go for it as it's the people who choose to read you're guides good luck and have fun everyone.

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